Staff Game Review: DC Comics Deck Building Game

DC Comics Deck Building Game

One of the many games offered at Alien Worlds is the DC Comics Deck Building Game by Cryptozoic. In the game, you get to play as one of many different DC superheroes such as Batman and Superman. For all those unfamiliar with “deck building games”, the main point of the game is as follows.

Each player (2-5 players) starts off with 10 cards, 7 of which are “punch” cards and 3 of which are “vulnerability” cards. I won’t get to detailed on the how to play but you use this starter hand to start purchasing various items such as kicks, equipment, heroes, and of course villians. Each card you gain allows to special powers such as drawing more cards or adding to your power. Once your power is strong enough, you are able to defeat the super villains. After all 7 villains are defeated, you add up your points and whichever player has the most points, wins the game.

Opening up the game and getting started was really easy because the game play directions are written simply and easy to follow plus if you have any trouble understanding the game, there are some youtube tutorials online to help you learn. The game is suggested for ages 15 and up however we tried the game out with some elementary aged kids and they picked it up so easily. DC Comics deck building game is a strong recommendation for anyone looking to get started with board / card games or for those DC Comics fans out there that want to add something new to their collection.

Their are multiple versions of the game with different heroes and villains but the good news is that all of them are compatible and mix and matchable for “the ultimate throwdown.” Come visit us at Alien Worlds to pick up your copy today.